asking for a friend.

This past week I had someone ask me about how to be a good, supportive friend to someone with an eating disorder. Although she did tell him that she has an ED, he mentioned that he notices worrying behavior, and he doesn't know how to respond to it. He felt like he could ask me … Continue reading asking for a friend.

the disbelievers, the pathologizers, and the empathizers.

Typically family members will be the first ones to learn of a loved one's mental illness. Living day to day with people, it becomes hard to hide certain parts of one's self. Sometimes, out of desperation for help, people will either confide in those close to them or act in a way that makes it … Continue reading the disbelievers, the pathologizers, and the empathizers.

a mother’s perspective.

This week my AMAZING mom, Theresa Lemon, wanted to share her heart, as a mother of children with mental illness. Here, she talks specifically about having daughters with eating disorders. As my mom testifies, through it all God was and continues to be faithful! I have no idea where to begin or exactly what to … Continue reading a mother’s perspective.

a different kind of support.

There was a period in my life where it felt like death was routine. I had a dress I called my "funeral dress." I still remember the familiar black-and-white gingham pattern, the matching hair-bow, and frilly socks (hey, it was the South, after all). We had made the move from Georgia to Virginia so that … Continue reading a different kind of support.