be patient.

This week my husband has done an incredible job of supporting me. I know it's not easy living with someone who is mentally ill. And I'll always feel guilt over the fact that I didn't "come out" as mentally ill before we were married. I didn't intentionally deceive him. I just thought I could manage … Continue reading be patient.

the gratitude myth.

After the week (and to be honest, weeks) I've had, I've decided that when I go in for my 3-month checkup with my doctor I'm asking for a higher dose of medication. It's hard to admit this. I worry that it sounds like I'm giving up/in and announcing I'M WEAK AND CAN'T COPE. I have … Continue reading the gratitude myth.

the roller coaster.

For the most part, I consider my depression/anxiety to be fairly stable. In other words, I'm always generally depressed/anxious, and I have a few panic attacks throughout the week. It's routine, I guess. But there are moments throughout the year where I lean more towards the bipolar disorder spectrum. One week feels like I'm playing Mario … Continue reading the roller coaster.

small victories.

I've recently started a new practice: keeping track of my mental health "victories" throughout the week. This is what this past week's looked like: I bought the Fieldroast vegan sausages over other brands even though they have more fat and calories. Why? They taste better and have more protein. This was NOT an easy decision. … Continue reading small victories.


I’m an English scholar, so of course words matter to me. Teachers have joked that my name is appropriate because I excel at analyzing texts (Anelise as Analyze, do ho ho). While this is great for acing an English course, it is less useful, however, for relationships. I don’t just analyze; I overanalyze. Everything. From … Continue reading misperceptions.