the cake.

"She just doesn't like it." These words were said when I passed on a piece of cake at a recent birthday dinner I attended. And to be honest, it's why for years I always stayed home from birthday dinner outings. Recently, I shared -- quite excitedly -- with my husband about how proud I was … Continue reading the cake.


Ten years ago I left a college in Florida that I had attended for three semesters. I returned home to Virginia to start school at George Mason University in January of 2009. I was a nervous wreck. I constantly questioned why I had been brought back home, whether Mason was the right place for me, … Continue reading control.

be patient.

This week my husband has done an incredible job of supporting me. I know it's not easy living with someone who is mentally ill. And I'll always feel guilt over the fact that I didn't "come out" as mentally ill before we were married. I didn't intentionally deceive him. I just thought I could manage … Continue reading be patient.

body positivity + the church.

I came-of-age during that golden age of youth group in which no one knew how to talk about sex—other than, avoid it at ALL costs. Don’t look at boys. Segregate yourself. Keep your shorts a certain length. Shoulders are especially provocative. And, just to be safe, you probably shouldn’t talk to them at all. Nowadays, … Continue reading body positivity + the church.