In late August The New York Times published an article titled "How to Manage Mental Illness at Work." It couldn't have been more timely since I had just begun working full time for the first time in nearly four years. Previously, I had been a doctoral student, spending most of my time writing, at home, … Continue reading managing.

one word.

At the beginning of 2019, my pastor preached a series of sermons that centered around choosing one word to cling to this year. After choosing one word, he encouraged us to choose one Bible verse, one thought, and one statement that were all tied to that one word. I like directed activity, especially as it … Continue reading one word.


Ten years ago I left a college in Florida that I had attended for three semesters. I returned home to Virginia to start school at George Mason University in January of 2009. I was a nervous wreck. I constantly questioned why I had been brought back home, whether Mason was the right place for me, … Continue reading control.

boast in the cross.

I'm working my way through I Corinthians right now, and I love how God's word speaks to me differently each time I read it -- meeting me where I am it. Last week I re-read I Corinthians 1: 18-31, and I found much-needed comfort in a spell of self-doubt: ¬†For the message of the cross … Continue reading boast in the cross.