neda week.

National Eating Disorder Awareness week (February 25 to March 3) is an interesting time for those of us with eating disorders. A lot of people "come out." A lot of people share recovery stories. A lot of people talk to their friends and family members about signs that they have an ED. A lot of … Continue reading neda week.

the roller coaster.

For the most part, I consider my depression/anxiety to be fairly stable. In other words, I'm always generally depressed/anxious, and I have a few panic attacks throughout the week. It's routine, I guess. But there are moments throughout the year where I lean more towards the bipolar disorder spectrum. One week feels like I'm playing Mario … Continue reading the roller coaster.


I’m an English scholar, so of course words matter to me. Teachers have joked that my name is appropriate because I excel at analyzing texts (Anelise as Analyze, do ho ho). While this is great for acing an English course, it is less useful, however, for relationships. I don’t just analyze; I overanalyze. Everything. From … Continue reading misperceptions.

seeing blue.

Eternity Girl, a brand-new comic series from DC’s Young Animal imprint, tells the story of Chrysalis, aka Caroline Sharp, in post-superhero glory. With not-quite-working powers and a work-related incident under her belt, she is on leave from her job. While some people might welcome the break, it is evident from the start that Caroline has … Continue reading seeing blue.