forwards and backwards.

I had a pretty eventful thing happen to me last week: I started my period after almost three years of nothing. Thought #1 - OH MY GOSH! I AM SO EXCITED AND RELIEVED! I DON'T HAVE TO GET AN ULTRASOUND! I'M NOT PERMANENTLY BROKEN! WE MIGHT HAVE KIDS SOMEDAY! Thought #2 - Oh no, Anelise. … Continue reading forwards and backwards.

a different kind of support.

There was a period in my life where it felt like death was routine. I had a dress I called my "funeral dress." I still remember the familiar black-and-white gingham pattern, the matching hair-bow, and frilly socks (hey, it was the South, after all). We had made the move from Georgia to Virginia so that … Continue reading a different kind of support.

we need to talk about IT.

This past week we lost two widely-influential celebrities to suicide: Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. On the surface these two figures appeared to be living the dream, right? They were successful, well-liked, and attractive. Why would they be depressed? I've said it once, I'll say it again: clinical depression is NOT situational. It is a … Continue reading we need to talk about IT.

a loaded question.

Every few months I have a checkup with my doctor, and it always begins the same way: How are you?  This seems like a simple question, but there is a whole lot of subtext here. He's asking me if my meds are doing what they're supposed to (if I'm above water, more or less). Generally, … Continue reading a loaded question.