I’m an English scholar, so of course words matter to me. Teachers have joked that my name is appropriate because I excel at analyzing texts (Anelise as Analyze, do ho ho). While this is great for acing an English course, it is less useful, however, for relationships. I don’t just analyze; I overanalyze. Everything. From … Continue reading misperceptions.

can i be a mother.

On April 14, 2018, I became an aunt to the most beautiful baby girl, Mia, who was born to two of my favorite people in the entire world: my sister Phoebe and her husband Paul. The week before she was born, I wasn’t sleeping, but, the day after Mia's birth, I slept for twelve hours without … Continue reading can i be a mother.

seeing blue.

Eternity Girl, a brand-new comic series from DC’s Young Animal imprint, tells the story of Chrysalis, aka Caroline Sharp, in post-superhero glory. With not-quite-working powers and a work-related incident under her belt, she is on leave from her job. While some people might welcome the break, it is evident from the start that Caroline has … Continue reading seeing blue.

cultivating empathy.

We have an orange cat named Loki. We picked him up in a grocery store parking lot when he was a very small kitten, abandoned much too soon by his mom. On one of our early visits to the vet, the doctor was checking his reflexes, and all he said is “he’s slow.” He wasn’t … Continue reading cultivating empathy.

worship in the waiting.

It’s still dark on Saturday morning, and I wake up covered in sweat. I’m not just a little damp. I get out of bed; change my clothes; towel off. This is a common occurrence. While I’ve regularly had night sweats on and off (a side effect of anxiety), they have been so much worse since … Continue reading worship in the waiting.